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About Us

Here is a little information About Us at Eulingual and the people behind it. Eulingual began after my husband started a new position with his office based in Paris, which leads him to travel around Europe most of the week. After my daughter was born, we made the decision to move to Paris where we decided to bring our children up for the next 5 years of their life in a different culture and to learn a different language.

As both of us only speak English, I tried to find various communities and resources about how to bring up my children with French, what ideas, support and educational resources there are for English speaking families educating their child in a different language.

I was intrigued by the research available on the benefits of early language learning and that drove my search to find more. We really wanted our son to learn French in a quick way, so we felt that the local Ecole Maternelle was the best option for him, as for our younger daughter, the search was more difficult and the whole world of Halte Garderie and Creches comes up, Ireland really is much easier in this area.

All the support websites and resources that I found were based in the United States and, other than Expatriate forums it seemed there was nothing really out there for European Bilingual and Multilingual Families. And so, Eulingual was born.

I want Eulingual to be a community to all families in Europe who are bilingual or multilingual, parents living in a foreign country and parents that just want to teach their child about family heritage and new cultures.

For Children, learning a new language should be fun, especially if they live in the country and don’t speak the language. It can be stressful for the entire family to try and express themselves in a different language so being fun is key.

I hope that the website provides you with some ideas on how to get started and some of the excitement and pitfalls that you might experience over the next while as you start on the journey of learning a new language.

I hope to develop the site further to provide you with some fun resources and products that you will find useful in your journey.

Wishing you all the best of luck and enjoyment as you start your fun journey of learning a new language with your child and please feel free to either contribute or give us feedback at eulingual@gmail.com or hello@eulingual.com

Best regards

Joanne Kinahan Wall