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Afrikaans Pronunciation and Phonics

Afrikaans pronunciation and phonics are based on the same alphabet as English. The main differences are the diacritics on the letters (like ê), while certain letters, such as c are infrequently used but do exist.

Afrikaans has a very phonetic (phonemic) spelling which means that Afrikaan words can be spelled the way they sound unlike English, French or even its parent language Dutch.

We have searched to find you resources from amazon, youtube videos and free online links to help you learn Afrikaans pronunciation and phonics to get it just right.

This chart shows you IPA, the International phonetic alphabet to show you exactly how Afrikaans is pronounced.

Watch these great selection of youtube videos to get you start on the road to good pronunciation and phonics of the Afrikaans language. Also don’t forget to check our other resources that can also help such as online radio & tv links, useful phrases with audio files and much more

Learn to speak afrikaans in 5 minutes with this youtube guide to pronunciation

This lesson is presented by Linda Armstrong. It is an afrikaans lesson based on the correct use of “Klinkers” or vowels. She show a very practical way of teaching this lesson to Afrikaans second language learners.

Learn Afrikaans no.8. Single vowels, pronunciation & relevant words