Bilingual Baby gets head start before they talk

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Bilingual Baby gets head start before they talk

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Bilingual Baby gets head start before they talk

Even before they can babble a single word, babies in bilingual households may get a head start in life, according to a team of scientists in Italy.

How Eulingual Began

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

How Eulingual began

Well, here we are after a long journey of gathering information, research and time, The Eulingual Website is finally ready to go. Thank you all for your patience.

Language Learning Ladder

Need help? Why not have a look at our language learning ladder which can get you started with our recommended 9 steps.

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Tell Us Your Story & Become A Contributor

Since our goal is to share information and provide support to parents in the journey of giving a gift of language to their child, we want you to be more than just a part of our community.

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How To Start Up Your Own Language Playgroup

Playgroups can be an excellent way for families to combine their resources and make language learning both a social and a fun activity. Kids learn from each other as well as from the grown-ups, and all the family can benefit from sharing experiences.

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