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Chinese Fonts and Calligraphy

Check out our many links for learning Chinese font and calligraphy, even if you are not learning chinese, it is still a wonderful hobby to learn the calligraphy alone

Chinese script
中国文字研究与应用中心 (Center for the Study of Chinese Characters and Their Applications)

A history of written Chinese

Chinese manuscripts – Chinese palaeography and epigraphy

Information about and articles on Chinese characters and the Chinese script:

Pinyin/Zhuyin Converter – converts Chinese characters to pinyin or zhuyin

Pinyin Joe’s Chinese Computing Help Desk – information and utilities for typing hanzi and pinyin:

Type Chinese online

Free Chinese fonts

Writing Chinese ; Animated Chinese characters

Videos showing you how to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke

Skritter – Learn Chinese Characters Chinese Character Course Chinese Vocabulary Course

Most common 7,000 Chinese characters

Chinese characters
Character Mine – program for learning Chinese vocab

Chinese character magnets

Chinese names: Your name in Chinese

Chinese calligraphy, translation and design – get your name in beautiful Chinese calligraphy:

Chinese Translation 中文翻譯 of names and phrases

Chinese calligraphy

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