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Czech Online Lessons

Check out our many links to online lessons, some are free and some paid lessons, but overall the internet is your wide world to get you started with any budget. Here are some to get you started and let us know if there are any other you would like us to add>

Online Czech lessons and other resources for learners
LocalLingo covers pronunciation, grammar, text and exercises and a lot more to get you started.

Videocestina offers one free lesson to see if it suits you, then go ahead and set your schedule and learn czech.

Myczechlanguage is more than a destination guide, it provides a phrasebook, will give you information on tutors, language books and also has forum that can help you with your learning journey.

Czech Language gives you more links on learning words and their form, jokes and games etc.

Digital Dialects has great fun resources to learning a language, great for all ages, titles include colours, numbers, days, months, games and many more.