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English Music and Songs

We hope you enjoy the selection we have for you

The British Council provides a huge amount of resources for parents and in particular music and songs covering a wide range of topics, and also you can download the words, activity books and exercises to support them

The wonderful Mamalisa provides songs in English with words,videos and downloadable words and music, Her range of songs cover all languages in both native and English but under her collection of English songs, she has
Across the Fields of Golden Grain (Round), A Frog He Would A-wooing Go, A Hunting We Will Go (Kids Song), All Through the Night (Lullaby), Anna Maria Sat on the Fire (Nursery Rhyme), At Islington, A Fair They Hold (Nursery Rhyme), Bell Horses, Bell Horses (Nursery Rhyme), Big Ben Strikes One (Jump Rope Rhyme), Blue Bells, Cockleshells (Jump Rope Rhyme), Butterfly, Butterfly, Buy Me a Milking-Pail, Church Bell Peals (Nursery Rhyme),Clap Hands, Clap Hands (Nursery Rhyme) and many many more. Has a wide range of songs, books, Videos and apps all to assist your child in learning a new language.Free Flashcards and much more

Its Raining – Easy Simple Baby songs for Children

The Calendar Song for Children has lots of songs and free resources and exercises for your child to learn english in a fun way has free resources, songs, phonics and videos and play along quizes