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French Music and Songs

Make sure to check out Eulinguals Language Learning Resources for additional music and songs for anglophones and francophones

We also have a selection of free online links and resources to help you along the way

Mama Lisa has a wonderful website filled with french music and songs with lyrics from all around the world so she is quite a popular choice on Eulingual for Music & Songs

French recordings of some children’s music and songs and a couple of little folk tales with illustrations. The words aren’t given in French or English, so you might have to stretch your French if you’re not fluent!

Learn French with a french childrens song

Le Papillion/The Butterfly – Cute french/english nursery rhyme

Melissa shows 2 classic french songs, Sur le pont Avignon, et Freres Jacques

Educational french music and songs for teaching the french language, Use beginning French songs to teach vocabulary words for animals, clothing, weather, time, parts of the body, colors, food, counting, family, and grammar.

Beth Manner has a wonderful selection of french music and songs for children and also in Spanish.

Wonderful selection of French music and songs, they also have english and chinese songs for children too.

French website filled with Rhymes and songs for children in French

French songs, but also a wonderful collection of Apps etc for learning french in a fun way

Daniel has created french music and songs for children, by introducing them to french in a fun way, he also has a wonderful collection of Cds available on his site too