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German Alphabet

Because of the structure of the German alphabet it is important as it is used in every day conversation. Even if you know how to write the words, it won’t matter unless you are able to say the words properly.
You will be understood better by pronuncing a letter in a word correctly when speaking it.

Below is a table showing the German alphabet and how it is pronounced in English, and finally examples of how those letters would sound if you place them in a word.

German Alphabet English Sound Pronunciation Example
A a ah as in Albert
Ä ä ah Umlaut as in Age
B b beh as in Berta
C c tseh as in Cäsar
D d deh as in Dora
E e eh as in Emil
F f eff as in Friedrich
G g geh as in Gustav
H h ha as in Heinrich
I i ee as in Ida
J j yot as in Julius
K k kah as in Kaufmann
L l ell as in Ludwig
M m emm as in Martha
N n enn as in Nordpol
O o oh as in Otto
Ö ö oh Umlaut as in Oops
P p peh as in Paula
Q q kuh as in Quelle
R r err as in Richard
S s ess as in Siegfried
ß ess-testt as in Super
T t teh as in Theodor
U u uh as in Ulrich
Ü ü uh Umlaut as if the U was double to UU
V v fow as in Viktor
W w veh as in Wilhelm
X x iks as in Xanthippe
Y y upsilon as in Ypsilon
Z z tsett as in Zeppelin