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German online courses

Here are some links for German online courses, flashcards and other information that provides courses to help you learn German for you and for children.,,2547,00.html

German lessons online: grammar, verbs, pronunciation, numbers and other resources

How to Learn German: German for Beginners & German vocabuarly

German business vocabulary

canoonet – Deutsche Wörterbücher und Grammatik

German Language Guide

Learn German Links – links to online German language resources

German Flashcards

German Language Basics – information about German tourist sites and attractions (in German):

German Online Courses geared towards Children

Dino Lingo language learning programs offer a variety of formats, including DVDs, books, CDs, flashcards, MP3s, videos and online lessons for kids. Available in over 40 languages

Petralingua offers both online courses as well as multimedia courses, The Petralingua® German language course for kids consists of: 21 lessons, 11 German songs for kids, 80 animated German videos for kids, 140 interactive German exercises for kids, 500 basic German words, German picture dictionary for kids, German Activity Book to download.
You also get a free preview lesson.

Muzzy at

Muzzy was created by the BBC to promote second languages in children, the course follows the life of Muzzy in Gondoland and covers topics such as Past & Present tenses, telling the time, asking questions, places and people and much more

With Language tree, children learn german through situational contexts which deepens their understanding. Modern singalongs keep it fun.

Professor Toto

Professor Toto is another language learning program for children filled with Animated DVD’s, CDs, Playbooks and downloadable formats

Little Pim

Little Pim is the most comprehensive childrens online language program designed just for them. Options are available for all aspects. You dont even need to speak the language yourself