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German online dictionaries

Below are links to online dictionaries to help you translate from any language into German and vice versa, if you would like to recommend a link, please let us know

Personally my trick is to open a website in Google Chrome and you can set it up to translate any website in your language of choice.

Leo is a very easy to use dictionary with easy options to translate any word

Beolingus – German Dictionary

Student-online offers one of the largest free dictionaries specialising in German to English and German to Spanish

Canoonet offers dictionaries, word grammar, Morphology, Sentance Grammar and Spelling

Handedict specialises in German & Chinese offers dictionaries in many languages also, with the added fun of games like Hangman and learn verbs through Rock star lyrics

German Dictionary does what is says on the tin and translates many words and sentances

Ectaco offers electronic dictionaries and devices for the today and tomorrow

Google Translate – The one and only.. although great for words but sentances and phrases need to checked