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Greek Online Dictionaries

In todays world of the web, we have found a selection of online dictionaries that can help you grow your vocabulary and also help you with translations as needed.

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Greek Language covers off nearly everything there is to know about Greek and find out all about their online dictionaries too.

Kypros is an online English/Greek Dictionary.

ECTACO give you instant translations.

Translatum is an english greek translation machine.

Not sure what word you are looking for, This site provides you with a search capacity by letter to find the word.

Lexilogos is an online English/ Ancient Greek dictionary.

This is a simple English/Greek dictionary with phonics to help with pronunciation. We love phonics.

Greek Recipe is a Greek/English Culinary Dictionary.

This is a French/Greek Dictionary – Francais et Grec Dictionnaire.

This is a Italian/Greek Dictionary – Greco Antico – Italianio.

Ectaco provides retail dictionaries in all languages for you to purchase.