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Greek Online Courses

Learn Modern/Ancient Greek with Kypros
They have 105 audio file about 15 minutes each, notes, collections of learning tools, spell checks and much more and its free.

I Learn, is one of the largest sources of modern greek, however its not free, but only $1 per month so not that bad and it won’t break the bank. It has over 7000 audio files, 13 directories and 645 chapters to get you on the road.

Great website to Learn Greek as a absolute beginner, Filoglossia.

Wikibooks also has many chapters to help you

Greek thru music is a great blog and site that helps you learn greek through not only music but also through an everyday blog to keep you up to date. Sign up for your word of the day also.

Little Greek 101 is an evolving online textbook for New Testament Greek.

Ancient Greek Tutorials does just that and specialises in Ancient Greek

TextKit is also a fab website that can help you with ancient Greek and latin too with many resources to get you started.