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Hebrew music and songs

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Mama Lisa and her fantastic world of music and songs
Songs include;
A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey, אחינו הנהג, Brother Driver, Circle, Circle, Come, Clouds, דַּיֵּנוּ , Dayenu (Passover Song), Me Achorey Hayaar, In The Forest, הבה נגילה , Let Us Rejoice (Traditional Song), יונתן הקטן, Little Yonatan, Mommy, Precious to Me, La Kova Shelie Shalosh Pinot, My Hat Has Three Corners, גשם, גשם משמיים, Rain Falls from the Sky, על הקיר טיפס לו עכביש קטן, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, הבאנו שלום עליכם, We Brought You Peace (Wedding & Celebration Song), Where is the thumb?, זוּם גַּלִּי גַּלִּי גַּלִּי, Zum Gali Gali (Folk Song)

Hebrews Songs & Dance

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