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MamaLisa brings the world of music and song to life with her Hindi and many other languages, this is the link to her India Page, here are the songs that she does in Hindi and translated into English with MP3 files with it. Akar bakar bambay bo; Akar bakar bombay bo (Counting-out Rhyme), Ginti Geet; Counting Song (Nursery Rhyme), Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai; Fish is the Queen of Water (Nursery Rhyme), Guddu, Guddu. Haan, Papa; Johnny Johnny. Yes, Papa,(Nursery Rhyme); Kotla Chapaki; Kokla Chapaki (Circle Game),Muffety Mai; Little Miss Muffet (Nursery Rhyme), Mary ne ek bhed pali; Mary Had a Little Lamb (Nursery Rhyme), आलू बोला; Potato Says (Nursery Rhyme), Nini baba nini; Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Lullaby), Ek kawwa pyasathaa; There Was a Thirsty Crow (Nursery Rhyme), Tick Tick Tick; Tick Tick Tick (Nursery Rhyme)

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