How Eulingual Began

How Eulingual began

Well, here we are after a long journey of gathering information, research and time, The Eulingual Website is finally ready to go. Thank you all for your patience.

I started this when we were moving to France and in an attempt to bring myself up to speed on the impact of french as an additional language for my 2 1/2 year old, I found that all the information was US based and it was very difficult to find one place within Europe that I could connect with other families or find resources so that when I was in Ireland prior to the move, I could ease my son into it gently.

Low and behold the birth of Eulingual happened. An idea that began before Christmas and Step 1 has just begun.

After sending out a survey to friends and colleagues who also experience their child learning another language or who just want to help their child and their family by finding other, I got a phenomenal response to which I am greatly appreciated. I hope that this covers all your queries and more as now we begin to plan stage 2 for Autumn 2012.

Please join our forum and find other families in your area, country and share in your ideas, suggestions and questions and I hope that together we can grow the Eulingual Community for European Families.

Le Gra

Joanne Kinahan Wall