Why can’t Irish Authorities give Irish kids the same opportunity that EU children have?

I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be Irish and how much I want my children to understand about their culture even though we are here in France. In France at state schools, they start to learn english at 6 and then another language later in primary school. What is happening in Ireland?

Although my children are learning french here and go to French state school, I still try to have them learn Irish as we do hope to return.

I want to give back to Irish families and Families who are living in Ireland and understand that the culture is as important as the language itself.

I find it frustrating now that I didn’t get the opportunity early on when I was in school to be exposed to another language other than Irish and English. I love Irish and will also speak it and cherish it, but why can’t Irish schools offer more opportunity to Irish children by letting them learn a language that is useful to them in the grownup world.

Secondary school is too late and there are so many parents who are trying now to expose their child in so many different ways at an early age.

Ireland is the last EU country to make a foreign language mandatory as of the age of 6, the UK brought it in only in 2010 so maybe there is hope. Although English is a taught as a foreign language in schools, it should become more available to children and families who are outside the private school system so that they also can get a head start.

I hope that this website gives you some support in your journey and I hope to send on the message to those in authority to get a move on and stop leaving Irish Children behind in the EU.