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Пусть бегут неуклюже- текст! Russian children’s song

Beautiful Russian Lulaby

Mamalisa brings your wonderful Songs from her world of music and songs, we have provided you the link for Russian music and songs
The songs she has are below and English lyrics and MP3 files are available also:
Мишка косолапый по лесу идёт, A Clumsy Little Bear was Walking through the Forest, Вышел Зайчик погулять, A Hare Went Out for a Walk (Nursery Rhyme), Брат Иван, Brother Ivan , Казачья Колыбельная Песня, Cossack Lullaby (Lullaby) MP3 Midi, До-ре-ми-фа-соль-ля-си, Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti (Nursery Rhyme) , Добрый тебе вечер,Good Evening To You (A Carol) Midi, БАБУШКА ДЛЯ МОЕЙ ДЕВОЧКИ, Grandma’s Lullaby for Her Little Girl (Lullaby) MP3, Баба сеяла горох
Granny Ate Peas, Мыши водят хоровод,Hush You Mice! , Божья коровка, улети на небо, Ladybug Fly to the Sky, (Nursery Rhyme), Люли, люли, люленьки, Looly-looly-loolenki (Lullaby), Сорока – Сорока, Magpie – Magpie (Finger Play) MP3, Пусть всегда будет солнце, May There Always Be Sunshine MP3, Рот, нос, уши, и глаз, Mouth, Nose, Ears and Eyes, Ладушки, ладушки, Pat-a-cake (Clapping Song) MP3 , Котя, котенька, коток, Pussy-Cat (Lullaby), Баю, Sleep (Lullaby) Midi, Баю-баю-баиньки, Sleep-sleep-sleep (Lullaby), Скороговорки, Some Russian Tongue Twisters (Tongue Twisters)
Шол козёл воды напится, The Billy Goat , The Crocodile (Nursery Rhyme) MP3, Идет коз а рогатая, The Horned Goat Is Coming, Ехали гусары, The Hussars Are Coming (Nursery rhyme), Ночь пришла, The Night Has Come (Lullaby), У попа была собака, The Priest Had a Dog (Nursery Rhyme) MP3, Шпа цыганка с длинным носом, There Was a Gypsy Who Had a Long Nose
Хожу-брожу, матрешку держу, The Russian Doll (Rhyme Game) MP3, Скороговорки, Tongue Twisters #2 (Tongue Twisters)

Collection of Russian Childrens Songs

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