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We love Mamalisa and her collection of music and songs from around the world. Here is the link and list of songs that she provides
A Atocha va una niña; A Girl Is Going to Atocha, Aciclón; Aciclon, A dormir va la rosa; The Rose Goes to Sleep (Lullaby), Ahora que vamos despacio; Now That We Go Slowly, A la lata al latero; To The Can, To The Tin Man (Jump Rope Song), A la puerta del cielo;At the Gates of Heaven (Lullaby),Al corro de la patata; At the Potato Circle Dance, Alirón; Aliron. Al jardín de la alegría;The Garden of Joy (Circle Game Song),Al pasar el trébole;Going over the Open-fire Trivet, Al pasar la barca;When I Stepped On Board, Al pasar por el cuartel;When I Passed by the Barracks (Hand-Clapping Rhyme),Al pavo pavito;To the Turkey, Little Turkey,Ambó ató;Ambo ato,A mi burro;My Donkey,A mí me gusta lo blanco;I Like What Is White,Ande la marimorena;Go, Go, Go to the Shindig (A Carol),A Pedro como era calvo;Since Peter Was Bald,Araña arañita; Itsy Bitsy Spider,Arre borriquito:Giddy-Up, Little Donkey (A Carol),Arroz con leche; Rice Pudding, Aserrín, aserrán; The Little Sawyers of San Juan, Ay del chiquirritín: Oh, The Poor Little Baby Boy (A Carol),Bartolo tenía una flauta; Bartholomew Had a Flute, Cabeza y hombros pierna y pies; Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Campana sobre campana; Bell After Bell (A Carol), Campanita del lugar; Little Town Bell (A Carol), Cascabeles; Jingle Bells (A Carol),Chocolate Chocolate (Hand Clapping Rhyme), Chocolate, molinillo
Chocolate, Little Mill, Cinco lobitos tiene la loba; The Wolf Has Five Cubs, Debajo un botón; Under a Button
Dedo Pulgar; Mister Thumb (Finger Play), Doctor Ganon, cirujano; Doctor Ganon, Surgeon (Hand-clapping Song), Doncellas del prado; Maidens from the Meadow (Circle Game),¿Dónde están las llaves?; Where Are the Keys? (Game Song), Don Melitón; Sir Melliter, Duérmete niño; Sleep My Baby (Lullaby), El barco chiquitito; The Tiny Ship, El barquito chiquitito; The Tiny Boat, El Burrito de Belén; The Donkey of Bethlehem (A Carol),El cocherito; The Young Coach Driver, El conejo de la suerte; The Lucky Rabbit (Game Song), El cuco canta alegre;The Cuckoo Sings Gaily , El gato grande; The Big Cat, El juego chirimbolo; The Thingamajig Game, El patio de mi casa; The Courtyard of My House, El perro de San Roque;Saint Roch’s Dog, El señor don Gato; Lord Tom Cat, El vito; The Vito Dance (Traditional Song), En el balcón de palacio; On the Balcony of the Palace, En el salón del Prado, On El Prado Boulevard; En la calle 24, On 24th Street (Hand Clapping Rhyme), Eran tres alpinos; Three Alpine Boys,Estaba una pastora; There Was a Shepherdess, Fum, fum, fum,Fum, Fum, Fum (A Carol); Fum, fum, fum (Versión 2)Fum, Fum, Fum (Version 2) (A Carol), Gallinita ciega; Blind Little Hen (Game Song), Guerra tenía una parra; Mr. War Had a Vine (Tongue Twister ), Hacia Belén va una burra; A Donkey Is Going to Bethlehem (A Carol), Iba un pollito para la escuela; A Young Chicken Was Heading For School, José se llamaba el padre; Joseph Was The Father’s Name (Circle Game Song), Jugando al escondite; Playing Hide and Seek, La araña chiquitita; The Itsy Bitsy Spider, La Cucaracha; The Cockroach (Traditional Song), La hiedra; The Ivy (Traditional Song), La linda manita;What a Pretty Hand (Lullaby); La lluvia; The Rain, La niña María; Little Mary, La pastora Catalina;The Shepherdess Catherine (A Carol), La rana cucú; The Frog Cuckoo’s, La reina Berenguela; Queen Berenguela, Las hojitas; Little Leaves, La tía Mónica; Aunt Monica (Circle Game Song), Lolita tiene un pañuelo;Lolita Has a Handkerchief (Jump Rope Song), Los diez perritos; The Ten Puppies, Los pintores de Vitoria; The Painters from Vitoria (Traditional Song), Los pollitos; The Chicks, Mambrú se fue a la guerra; Mambru Went to War,Mariposa;Butterfly (Hand-clapping Rhyme),
Martinillo; Brother John, Mi barba tiene tres pelos; My Beard Has Three Hairs, Mi carita; My Face, Mi gallo se murió ayer; My Rooster Died Yesterday, Mi granja; My Farm, Monjita en el monasterio; Young Nun in a Convent (Circle Game Song), Noche de paz; Night of peace (A Carol), No hay quien pueda; No One Can Deal (Folk Song), Pajarito que cantas; Little Bird You Are Singing (Lullaby), Palmas palmitas; Palms, Little Palms (Clapping Song), Para ser conductor de primera; To Be a First Class Driver, Pase misí pase misá; Pass Missy, Pass Missay, Pimpón; Pimpon, Pinocho fue a pescar; Pinocchio Went to Fish, Pon, pon, pon el dedito en el pilón; Put, Put, Put Your Finger in the Pestle (Finger Play), Pulgar cayó en el pozo; Thumb Fell in the Well (Finger Play), Que llueva, que llueva; Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Quiquiriquí!; Cock-a-doodle-doo! (Nursery Rhyme), Quisiera ser tan alta; I’d Like to Be as High as the Moon, Ratón que te pilla el gato; Mouse, The Cat Will Catch You (Circle Game Song), Saco una manita (Buenos días); I Take a Little Hand Out (Hello Song), Sal solito; Come Out Sun My Dear, San Serenín; Saint Saturnin, Soy la reina de los mares; I’m the Queen of the Seas (Jump Rope Song), Tengo, tengo tengo; I Have, I Have, I Have, Tengo una muñeca; I Have a Doll, Tengo una vaca lechera ;I Have a Dairy cow, Todos los patitos se fueron a bañar; All the Ducklings Went to Swim, Tortita de manteca; Little Shortening Cookie (Hand Clapping Song), Un elefante se balanceaba; A Balancing Elephant, Un ratoncito sale de la cueva; A Little Mouse Goes Out of the Cave (Circle Game Song), Vamos a remar en un botecito; Let’s Go Rowing in a Little Boat, Venid, fieles todos; O Come, All Ye Faithful (A Carol), Ya llegan las monjas; Here Come the Nuns, Ya se murió el burro; The Donkey Died,Ya viene el cartero; Here Comes the Postman (Jump Rope Song),Ya viene la vieja; Here Comes the Old Lady (A Carol), Yo te daré; I Will Give You, Zúmbale al pandero; Beat on the Tambourine (A Carol)

Hello-World brings you a wonderful selection of Spanish Songs

Buenos días: Spanish Greeting Song

123 Teach Me brings you a video, words and music so enjoy a singalong

Spanish Songs for teaching, a great website providing music and songs for lots of fun covering all areas of language learning
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