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Turkish Pronunciation

turkish pronunciation


Watch and learn about Turkish Pronunciation

Turkish orthography is highly regular and a word’s pronunciation is always completely identified by its spelling. The following table presents the Turkish letters, the sounds they correspond to in International Phonetic Alphabet and how these can be approximated more or less by an English speaker.
Letter IPA English
approximation Letter IPA English
A a /a/ As a in father M m /m/ As m in man
B b /b/ As b in boy N n /n/ As n in nice
C c /d͡ʒ/ As j in joy O o /o/ As o in more
Ç ç /t͡ʃ/ As ch in chair Ö ö /ø/ As e in set, but with lips rounded
D d /d/ As d in dog P p /p/ As p in pin
E e /e/[1] As e in red R r /ɾ/[2] As r in rat
F f /f/ As f in far S s /s/ As s in song
G g /ɡ/, /ɟ/As g in got Ş ş /ʃ/ As sh in show
Ğ ğ /ː/, /‿/, /ʲ/ [3] T t /t/ As t in tick
As g in git, but with tongue pressed against palate
H h /h/ As h in hot U u /u/ As oo in zoo
I ı /ɯ/ As e in open Ü ü /y/ As e in new
İ i /i/ As ee in feet V v /ʋ/, /v/As v in vaccine
J j /ʒ/ As s in measure Y y /j/ As y in yes
K k /k/, /c/As k in kit Z z /z/ As z in zigzag
L l /ɫ/, /l/As l in love